Cycling Class – 05/29/15

Today I taught cycling class at 11:15am at YMCA Fercho branch in downtown Fargo, ND.

I started with stretching, warm-up then jumps, spinning and hill climbs. Below is my whole class list:

-Warm Up  4 minutes

-Jumps    5 minutes (8 counts, 4 counts, 2 counts)

-Spinning Drill 5 minutes (45 seconds spin, 1 minute break, then 1 minute spin.)

-Hill climbs  3 minutes (30 seconds normal speed, 30 seconds double speed.)

-Jogging and standing hovers 4 minutes

-Spinning Drill 5 minutes (maximum resistance for 20 seconds, then spin for 110 RPM for 20 seconds, repeat.)

-Hill climbs 4 minutes (30 seconds normal speed, 20 seconds double speed. )

-Jogging and standing hovers 4 minutes

– Spinning Drill 3 minutes (3 pushes, each push is about 30 seconds.)

Calories Burned: 395

Workout Time: 45 minutes

Max HR: 172

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Hi, I'm Vivian. I'm a mom of three beautiful boys (one of them is a golden retriever and his name is Chunk), a wife and a fanatic of shoes and Chanel. I was born and raised in southwest China. I met my husband in Beijing 2004 and was convinced move to Fargo, ND in late 2009. Since then, I have been living here with my family here in Fargo. I love fashion, music, food, travel and fitness. Stay in a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I teach cycling classes at our local gyms weekly. I LOVE a sweaty workout which can hold me accountable for my own fitness. I'm very petite. They said "wonderful things always come in small packages." What a true statement! ;) I'm 4ft11. I wear size 4.5 for shoes. I buy size 5 for the majority of time since I can't find any size 4.5 shoes here in the states. My body measurements: 33-29-35 w/a 27 inch leg inseam I do this blog to journal my personal style, fitness journeys. I hope my posts can give you tips about a healthy life style that we are all looking for. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to share your opinions with me anytime. XOXO, Vivian

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