How To Lose Baby Weight for the Second Time?

I must apologize to you all as this post has come along from a looooong way due to all sorts of delays. It’s literally a year and a half late as my second baby boy is already a 2 year little dude. I finally was able to put my thoughts together and write things down.

When I successfully lost my baby weight after my first baby boy was born, it took me 5 months to get my body back. I told myself I could do better next time as I’ve already had the postpartum weight-loss experience as a first timer. Man, I couldn’t be more wrong.

I thought the second time weight-loss wouldn’t be a big deal and I could totally get it done faster as I’ve had the experience to lose my baby weight.

When I was pregnant with my second baby, I made sure that I continued my workout routine as usual. I went to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and I made sure I ate healthy through the week. I was even able to finish teaching my last cycling class on the day before my scheduled C-section!!

As far as weight gain, I did better for the second time vs. my first pregnancy. I only gained about 28 lbs for this second time pregnancy.

I was so confident that I’d be able to get my body back faster than the first time postpartum weight-loss. Boy, was I wrong!! It’s still not an easy journey and it actually took me longer to finally reach the status that I’m finally comfortable with.

One of the major struggles I had to deal with was the change of my body. Having two C-sections in two years has definitely changed my body to a weaker level. Plus I had to check out of the hospital and traveled to another city the day after my C-section due to my baby’s heart situation.

We stayed at NICU of the hospital for Patrick for about three weeks. Stress took over my emotional and physical system. Because of Patrick’s medical situation, I couldn’t nurse him but to constantly pump every other hour every day for those three weeks!!! I was exhausted and hungry all the time. I stuffed myself up with loads of carbs.

I remember I walked into a pizzeria nearby the hospital one day, ordered myself a foot long sandwich and a small size pan pizza. I literally gobbled them up, all by myself!!

I didn’t get back to the gym until a month after Patrick was born. It felt good to go back there but man it was hard to pick up my workout routine.

I started teaching cycling class again two months after my C-section. Awesome to sweat but I was dying!!!!😓

Anyway I eased myself into my workout routine. Started with teaching cycling classes to get my cardio in each week. Then added weightlifting twice a week.

I went to the gym four times a week sometimes five. Overall I ate healthy. Because I was still nursing, I made sure my meals are protein rich. Somehow my weight just wouldn’t drop. No doubt that I felt super frustrated. Hubby told me it’s because I was building my muscles 💪🏼 back. Ok then, I guess I would take that for answer. I did however constantly reminded myself that Patrick would always come first. No matter what I do and how I feel, my baby will be my top priority. That’s my job as a mother. And that mindset helped me not to be too critical and harsh on myself.

I kept on working out and started bringing more veggies and low carbs diet to my meals plan after I stopped nursing Patrick when he turned 6 months old. I started to see my weight dropped.

This workout selfie was taken on December 15, 2017, nine months after Patrick was born.

I started running for my marathon training on January 15th, 2018. Call me crazy!! This is what I gave myself as a birthday gift last September, to run my first marathon! 🤪

I would add more carbs when I was doing my long training runs such as 10 miles, 12 miles or 15 miles. Other than that, I stayed focused on low carb and high protein diet. I ate lots of steamed/stir-fried veggies, chicken, salmon. Every meal I had I made sure to add equivalent amount of veggies to meat.

This was taken on March 27, 2018. A year after Patrick was born. Still got some belly work to do 😅but I was quite happy with what I’ve achieved.

Here’s my marathon day, May 19th 2018.

26.2 miles in 4 hours 33 minutes. Uffda!!!😂

This is my most recent workout selfie. Taken on July 25th, 2018.

After two years since Patrick was born, I’m in a better shape than before I was pregnant with him. I now am in the lightest weight in my adult life. I feel my legs are toner and stronger. Running and cycling definitely paid off. 😅

I still got work to do. And I’m hoping to sign up more marathons in the coming years. Overall, I want to share with you that Rome wasn’t built overnight. Getting back in shape took time and effort too. Don’t get discouraged when you aren’t seeing fast results. One step a time and keep working hard (and eating healthy). You too, will achieve what I achieved one day. Be proud of who you are, and pay attention to tiny little changes as you progress. You don’t need pills to help you to lose weight but a healthy meal plan and appropriate exercise. Trust me, you will get there.

Feel free to leave your comments and let me know what you think.

Have a fantastic day!!

Xoxo, 💋


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