Hi, welcome to my blog! My name is Vivian. I’m a mom of two beautiful happy boys, a wife, a fitness enthusiast and a fanatic of shoes and Chanel.

About Me

Immigrated to the US from China, I met my significant other in Beijing when we both worked there. After dating for over three years and eventually got engaged, I then moved to Fargo, ND (hubby’s hometown) from Beijing, China in 2009. Since then, I’ve been living and running my consulting/ exporting business in Fargo, a city where I now call home. Lots of my friends thought I went nuts when I told them I was moving to Fargo. Of course, the first thing they shouted to me was “Have you watched the movie “FARGO” ? “.  No, I’ve never watched the movie until I moved here. ;-p (And the movie was actually shot in Brainerd, MN. ) Anyways, the winter here could get a bit rough. Other than the blizzard and the amazingly strong wind almost all year long, I actually enjoy living here quite a lot. Super friendly people, extremely supportive community, fresh air and the incredible convenient transportation from A to B in just 10 mins. ( Fyi, I used to spend 2 hours commuting from my apartment to my office in Beijing every work day. It’d be a 10 mins bus ride when there’s no traffic jam. )

I adore everything about fashion, music, food and fitness. Stay in a healthy life style is very important to me and to my family. I am bilingual and I love traveling. Exploring local food and culture has always been the greatest joy.

About This Blog

This is a personal blog for me to log my daily outfit, style and fitness performance. I’ve always wanted to write something but always got my feet stuck outside of the door for thousands of excuses. Anyways, I hope this blog could help me improve my writing skills, as well as my styling skills and maintain my fitness goal.

About My Size

I’m a very petite girl with a height of 4 feet 11. (Hey, wonderful things come in small packages! 😉 ). And my shoe size is 4.5 to 5. You can imagine how hard it has been for me to do shoe shopping in the states. My body measurement is 33/28/35 with a 25 inch leg inseam.

About The Photos 

Most of these photos were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i on a tripod, using an AmazonBasic Wireless Remote Control. The lens I’m using now is a Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5 – 6.3.

About Affiliate Marketing 

My blog does contain some affiliate marketing links, which means I might get paid commission on the sales of the products I write about. I use 3rd Party companies to enable these affiliate partnerships.The products I include in this blog are the ones I personally like or in favor of regarding my style and taste. The opinions about those items are my own perspectives.

Again, this is my personal style blog so the editorial content is NOT influenced by any advertisers or the affiliate partnerships. I only recommend or write about the ones I adore.

About Banner Advertising or Sponsorships

If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway, providing an item for me to wear or to review, or have enquiries about placing the banner ad on my blog, please contact me at: vivianfellman@gmail.com

About Confidentiality

Confidentiality is very important here at WhenCocoMeetsChanel.com . All names, email addresses and/or any other personal information submitted will not be publicized without prior consent.

Hope you enjoy my blog! Do feel free to leave any comment if you have any question regarding the blog.


Vivian ♥

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